Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Art on Allen: Bansky, NeckFace, and Alex Cao

I am lucky enough to live in Chinatown on the edge of the lower east side, and conduct most of my daily errands walking up and down Allen St. The other day I realized I walk past quite a bit of art. And I had my camera. So I took pictures and here is what I saw, a little about each artist and their websites
ALEX CAO past Delancy on Allen

I walk by this guys studio/store/gallery/whatever it is all the time- Its right between White
Slab and Congee Village. Everytime I go past he has some kind of black and white photo of a
celebrity in the window. However on closer inspection I see that these are made up of tiny little
portraits of someone who has something to do with the larger portrait- i.e. Andy Warhol made
up of tiny Maos, Marylin Monroe made up of tiny JFKs, I forget the other ones but u get it. I
Looked at his website and evidently he's a commercial photographer (who must make a lot of
money to have his own spot on Delancey and Allen) but he doesnt feature any of his artsy pieces
his website. Anyway check him out- I like his Photos because they're a lot of fashiony faces, much
much like my work.

NECKFACE past the Tenement Museum behind a chain fence

I see Neckface's shit around the neighborhood quite a bit. As a matter of fact he tried to tag
next to Banksy's piece (which is the next artist) but they painted over it. Whoever "they" are.
Anyway he's a young artist with that "ten year old" style. He's a favorite of Juxtapoz magazine,
he's 3 years younger than me, and he's persistant. Anyway check him out.

BANKSY right after Canal in front of an Asian restaurant supply store

So Banksy was in town recently for an opening and did one of his pieces on this wall.
UNFORTUNATELY (or not) other little assholes tagged over it spoiling the effect. However is
that wrong? The Shepard Fairey Mural met the same fate however that brings up an interesting debate:
If these guys started as illegal graff artists in the classic rebellious style- but now are rich and
sponsored by Target and having shows all over the world, then I think its the young artists
influenced by them paying homage. So obviously Im divided because part of me wants to see the
work clean and as it is supposed to, and part of me likes the fact that the next generation
is carrying on the graffiti tradition.

So if you get a chance take a lil walk down Allen, there are also a lot of restaurants, bars
galleries and stores to browse, especially a block over on Orchard. :)

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