Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Review of HBO's "How To Make It In America"-AKA A BIG OL MALE FANTASY

Soooooooooo...first of all do you have cable? If you dont you probably dont know about this show How To Make It In America- especially if you are striving (not struggling, dont like to use that word) in New York City as an artist, designer, singer, musician, curator, writer, producer, etc. etc. etc. Anything creative. Anyway if you do make room for that 60$ DVR bill and see this or know about surfthechannel.com lets talk about this fuckin show.
It comes off all stylish- the opening is like an urban outfitter's add made out with fader magazine. I like it. But I distrust it. So I watch the first five episodes. And you know what?
I still distrust it BUT I want to be on it, lol- and the main guy and his five o clock shadow annoy me but his latino friend reminds me of a bunch of guys i know who are trying to make it in New York and always have a scheme or an idea and endless hope.
I have to talk about the awesome redeeming characters- Martha Plimpton and Luis Guzman are the only ones who are real- they are the seasoned actors. I still appreciate the story line though- late twenties following your dreams. Especially the scene where the young jean makers go to talk to John Varvatos and his lackie tells them to give up. They get in the elevator and they're like fuck that- thats what it takes.
But my real beef MY REAL BEEF- who the fuck are these girls they hang out with. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IN THIS SHOW HAS IT EASY FUCKIN PEASY. The main dudes ex is a successful interior designer, their art gallery runnin skinny bitch friend has a rich dad that she doesnt take money from- cause running a gallery is so lucrative, especially when you just start one. And of course there are endless gorgeous young women at their house parties- but these guys are broke? I dont think so. The only woman I really love is Martha Plimpton- who plays brilliantly the designer the main dudes ex works for. She's clever, crazy and believable.
So I'm gonna keep making it in New York and keep watching to see if this show gets better (dont judge me ).