Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under The Bridge Show at 47 Gallery 47 Monroe Gallery Lofts 47

January 15th I tried my hand at curating my first show. It featured Mirandom, Marthalicia, Josie Zetina, Lissette Barros, Gigi Bio, Lexi Bella, and Danielle Mastrion. It was a fabulous turnout and not the last. Thanx Ladies- Here's the write up about the show:

47 Monroe Gallery Lofts Presents:
Under The Bridge:
Downtown Art

An Exhibition of some of New York's best female
emerging artists today

The word recession is used a lot these days to talk of negative situations, however history has shown us that "these uncertain times" are times that art and culture thrive. Much like the late 70s and early 80s the artists, musicians, and New York culture thrived in abandoned buildings and loft spaces during another "uncertain time" economically in this city. Economic times like these prove who is in it for the creation of something new and refreshing when there's nothing else to lose and the herd is thinning. This is when true generations of artists make their mark.
The idea of "Downtown" being a place of convergence of creativity is a concept born in New York City. In the 20th century from the Village which nurtured Abstract Expressionism and Jazz half a century ago, to the L.E.S. giving us Basquiat, Madonna, Blondie and Keith Haring around the time everyone in this show was born, the idea of something being "Downtown" was synonymous with being cool and making things happen. This shows goal is to continue this tradition into the 21st century.
This show is about 7 artists and photographers making their mark in New York NOW. They are painters, photographers, djs, fashion designers, graphic designers, teachers, mothers, and artists. They work, struggle, and succeed with their visions and create a new community and a new movement in today's Downtown Art.

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