Monday, July 27, 2009

"500 Days of Summer Made Me Want to Vommit My Heart Into My Lap" by Aaron Ginsburg

This is a review of 500 Days of Summer as told to me verbatim By Aaron Ginsburg 
-For whatever reason they hit the hipster girl whose from the suburbs and moves to the city and likes the Smiths nail on the head. I can tell whoever made it went to NYU. When the main character guy is at the roof party and and the main hipster girl he loves shows another girl her engagement ring (she's engaged to another guy) and he sees it I stood up in the theater and was like " NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO..." That's the exact shit that happens. I'm the type of dude that gets super attached and doesn't step up to the plate. And she's like, " I don't want labels, lets just do what we do." and then one morning she's married to some pussy. Its funny that I went o see the movie on a whim, this girl invited me. I happen to know this girl is super retarded, she already has boyfriend and just wants some guy to be with her at the movies, and I know that shit and its all good, but REALLY. And we go to see THIS MOVIE? Bitches just be doin' weird shit. And that's what this movie's about. It hurt. It literally hurt to watch that shit. Aesthetically I could have cared less. I laughed definitely. Most of them were gay jokes, all of the were gay jokes. Every time I laughed it was a gay joke. 
AND this dude, whose name I cant remember but I know he was on Third Rock From the Sun. Hes straight pussy, cause he continuously allows this bitch back into his life. Its so funny when they show up sad and wet at your door. They show up at 2:30 wet, even if its not raining with the puppy face and I'm like, "What r u trying to do? Ruin my fucking life."  I would have yelled at that bitch so bad. It so funny when people in movies act like normal people. Cause if I was that dude Id be like throwing shit out the window! I would be straight psychotic. I would be like, "WHAT WHAT?!" I would be mad. And then at the end he meets some pathetic excuse for "his new girlfriend."  And I'm like "good luck tryin to forget about Summer you faggot" and this girl looks like she got punched in the chin! And her name is Autumn?
Definitely go see this movie. But it hurts to watch.-
Aaron is a designer, artist, and writer. Check out his bedding and clothing line Ducksworth at and his blog at the

Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome to Crazytown

Hi Im Lexi Bella. Im an artist living in New York City and I have lots of adventures, participate in lots of events, and see a lot of shit. This blog is a type of art, life, and event review I had an idea about for a long time and now my friend Marthalicia finally pushed me over the edge and inspired me to write. I hope to fill it with images and writings about my experience as an artist in Crazytown, along with events, exhibitions, musical performances, movie and album reviews, and happeneings written by me and some friends. Images and happenings soon to come until then enjoy some images of my work and me and my friends!